Overview of Core Technologies

NetSpark's goal in designing the Dynamic Internet Guard family of products was to take the complexity out of setting up and managing your web protection solution, while at the same time delivering a full-powered suite of features that would meet the needs of any range of users.

The Core Technologies that are utilized to reach this goal:

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Graphics Inspection

Graphics Inspection
Automatic detection and inspection of unknown image content means NetSpark users are never caught off guard. Learn more about the most complete protection available in the market.


Quilting: The Answer to Dynamic Web
Avoid exposure to undesirable content without blocking the entire web page. NetSpark's patent-pending Quilting technology identifies inappropriate text or graphics, and delivers the page with that content removed.

Real-Time Filtering

Real Time Filtering of Content
With real-time text and near real-time graphic inspection, NetSpark provides page inspection and filtering able to keep up with today's dynamic web.

Secure Site Inspection

Secure Site Inspection
The amount of pornographic and inappropriate content accessible over SSL-secured sites is vast, and should not be overlooked. NetSpark provides users with the ability to include HTTPS traffic for inspection and quilting, to ensure consistency in users' access to content on the web.

Social Media Solutions

Social Media Solutions
Addressing today's problems of cyberbullying, predatory grooming, and sexting, NetSpark enables the monitoring and inspection of Social Networking Profiles, Chat messages, blogs and wikis to detect and respond to inappropriate content, while otherwise providing full access to these resources.

Secure Site Inspection

What About the Other Protocols? (P2P, Email, etc.)
NetSpark provides access controls, in some cases including advanced treatment settings, for desktop email clients, file sharing clients, and more, to ensure a protected and reliable internet experience.

User Customization

End User Customization Capabilities
Several pre-defined user profiles are available for selection, as well as a full custom profile definition option, empowering users/network administrators to define a level of web protection that meets their particular needs.

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