Web filtering solutions  that let you create an internet you want to use

Focused on Enabling Safe Access Not Blocking Content

Netspark’s unique approach to filtering provides access to more content, without increased risk of exposure.

Providing A Fully Customizable Internet Experience

Multiple filtering levels as well as Custom Mode empowers users to define the Internet they want access to.

Offering Comprehensive Multi-Platform Solutions

We offer solutions for both network-side and on‑the‑go protection. Choose from a complete range of flexible and affordable deployment options.

True Innovation Starts With A Vision​

Netspark’s filtering solution was born from the understanding that what users really need is a content filtering tool focused on enabling access to content, not just blocking it. Our unique algorithms and machine learning engines work together to contextually understand web content and the value it offers our users, prior to filtering out any inappropriate elements.

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All In A Days Work

Each day, Netspark’s filtering algorithms and inspection engines scan, filter and categorize:

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Our Partners And Customers

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