Real-time Dynamic Filtering

Safeguard your users
with truly dynamic protection


Netspark provides genuine real-time inspection and web content filtering of both HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Our sophisticated, patent pending technology analyses and inspects each page element in real-time, as our users request it. Harmful or unwanted content gets filtered out on the fly, with only milliseconds of added latency. Desired web content remains unblocked, thanks to our highly accurate, in-page content filtering.

The result? The ultimate personalized web experience.

Why real-time filtering?

Outperforms Traditional List-Based Filters

 Legacy filtering solutions have become irrelevant due to their reliance on URL databases. Their page-level black and white listing of web content does not take into account the dynamic and mixed nature of the web content. 

Unrivaled Accuracy

Real-time filtering ensures a safe and secure user experience by examining page content at the time of access, not when the page was last cached, which may have been yesterday, or three weeks ago. Thanks to Netspark’s unique in-page filtering technology, no web element gets overlooked! Embedded images, videos, and text – even dynamic content feeds, get examined and filtered according to individual user settings. 

Feeling limited by your legacy web filter?

Netspark Offers The Protection You Need! ​