Technology Overview

Focus on enabling access to content,
not just blocking it


Netspark’s core technologies provide users with a dynamically filtered web experience, unique for both its accuracy and flexibility.

At the heart of each user’s experience, lie the following key technologies: 

Netspark’s patent-pending algorithms analyse each individual web element in real-time, filtering out or blocking unwanted content only. Each time our users request a web page or launch a mobile app, we examine all video, image and text content to identify anything inappropriate. Undesired content gets blocked, and the remaining content is seamlessly delivered, creating the ultimate personalized web experience. 

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Our state of the art image processing technology imitates the human visual perspective with an unmatched level of accuracy. Able to detect the subtle variations in nude and erotic media content, Netspark’s image recognition algorithms are an integral component of Netspark solutions and are also available as a consumable API service to support image moderation needs.

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Integrate with the Netspark Cloud and benefit from the full power of Netspark’s innovative filtering technology, packaged as a virtualized, cloud hosted solution. Netspark’s cloud solutions offer a low cost, low maintenance alternative to network-side deployment with the added benefits of full scalability and redundancy.

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