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Netspark’s flexible web filtering solutions support cloud hosting, on-network deployment of physical and/or virtual servers, or a combination of the two. With minimal added latency, Netspark delivers a seamless user experience that offers maximum access to content without compromising user protection. 

Maximize your available network resources, and keep your deployment costs within a manageable budget.

Our solutions are designed to flexibly integrate within your network topology and can be configured in either NAT or transparent mode, in accordance with your specific requirements.

Options are available for full redundancy, high scalability deployment, and custom hosting and data retention practices to meet your company’s compliance with internal and regulatory policies.

Easy Management, Full System Support

Easily manage Netspark’s web filtering solution within your team’s existing resources. You’ll receive 1-on-1 support from Netspark engineers during network deployment to ensure correct configuration and a smooth integration. You’ll also receive access to our online training modules, helping your IT team to manage and support your Netspark solution. Administrators will enjoy an intuitive user dashboard with the ease of both on-site and remote system management. 

Netspark makes it easy to work together

Our technology, coupled with your unique manufacturers’ APIs and system access will create a fully native protected mobile environment that appeals to both children and parents.

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