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Whether your concern is user generated content or you rely on aggregated content streams, website owners and application developers alike are always looking for effective, affordable, and easy to implement solutions for ensuring a consistent and reliable user experience. Successful image moderation plays a big part in cultivating a platform’s reputation, whether the goal is to be work-safe, family-friendly, or simply to maintain your digital reputation.

Developers can easily get a definitive response as to which images are safe for publishing and which should be given a second review with the help of Netspark’s Nude Detect API.

Leveraging the same machine learning technology deployed in our filtering solutions, our Nude Detect Engine uses automatic identification technologies to analyze several aspects of each image to accurately detect nudity, without relying on skin tones. Thanks to our unique approach, we are able to deliver an unparalleled 99% nudity detection rate with only 1% false positives – the most reliable nudity detection API in the market.

Powered by the NetSpark Cloud, the Nude Detect API can help developers streamline the content moderation process by automatically detecting and flagging images containing nudity or erotic content, for further action.

The Software Developers' Solution

Easily process a large number of requests with our high capacity servers. The API’s quick response rate enables developers to query the Nude Detect image recognition engine and determine software actions based on the received response. The result? A highly accurate, fully scalable moderation solution, with minimal human participation needed.

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Netspark's Nude Detect API Features:

  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Scalable solution
  • Instant site integration
  • Try it, risk-free, on the Mashape Market

Have A Custom Request?

Our Graphics Inspection Engine is a learning engine in the truest sense. We are able to train it to reach high accuracy in the identification of other types of images and would be happy to discuss your needs. Contact us today