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The changing nature of today’s mobile market has had a big impact on the way device manufacturers do business. Thanks to market-oversaturation and the disruption from several rising power brands in the Chinese market, the competition is fiercer than ever. Device manufacturers are increasingly relying on unique features and gimmicks to distinguish their products and attract new customers.

A shift can also be seen in the mobile user base itself. 73 % of American teens (ages 12-17) and 85% of young adults (ages18+) now own, or are the primary users of mobile devices. As a result, manufacturers and retailers are shifting their focus to address the needs of this growing, younger mobile audience. This presents the challenge of understanding this new demographic’s needs and the complexity of their consumer status, having both their own disposable income and significant influence over parental buying habits.

Better together

Netspark partners with device manufacturers to develop ready-to-market family oriented devices, preloaded with Netspark’s parental control apps.

Our solutions focus on enabling content rather than blocking it!

 Netspark-protected mobile devices provide kids with the connectivity and freedom they desire, while offering parents the online security and peace of mind they seek.

It’s easy for manufacturers to integrate NetSpark. Our mobile app can be quickly and seamlessly deployed across your pre-manufactured devices. And with white-label and co-branding options as well, you’ll instantly gain a competitive edge.

Netspark makes it easy to work together

Our technology, coupled with your unique manufacturers’ APIs and system access will create a fully native protected mobile environment that appeals to both children and parents.

Contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities, including white labeling, co-branding, and product distribution.

Why Netspark?

Netspark’s patented dynamic filtering technology allows for a highly customizable web experience. Our large range of built-in features enable parents to manage desired access to content, implement daily and weekly usage limits, and more.

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