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Integrating technology in the classroom enables teachers to push the boundaries of the learning experience and accommodate different learning styles. But as BYOD and 1:1 programs place learning devices directly into the hands of students, managing the safe use of this technology has become an increasingly difficult challenge for IT administrators.

Educators today face the unique challenge of safely incorporating technology into the classroom, and ensuring a safe online experience, without over-restricting web access.

Netspark's Comprehensive Web Safety

Our innovative, patent pending technology provides IT administrators with the necessary tools to ensure a safe web environment, without impeding the learning process. With flexible deployment options and the ability to protect mobile devices when off-network, Netspark offers the tools to deliver a fully customizable web experience that supports a healthy learning environment and enables schools to deliver on their responsibility to parents and students.
  • BYOD and 1:1 friendly – Flexible group & device level policies grant access to content easily and as appropriate, while offering more restrictive access as needed to ensure a safe learning environment
  • Cross-platform – protection is available for both Android and iOS devices
  • Easy to deploy and maintain – can be easily managed within existing IT resources
  • Dual-management mode – manage devices during school hours and then release to parental discretion during off-hours
  • Network agnostic – give students safe access, regardless of which network their device connects to

Web Filtration Features Include:

  • Dynamic filtering – content is filtered as the user requests it for a seamless and up-to-date experience
  • App filtering – block or filter app usage by category, or moderate in-app content
  • Image recognition – identify and filter out sexually explicit and suggestive content
  • On-Page content filtering – provide restricted access to problematic web content by filtering out problematic elements only
  • HTTPS filtering – get the same reliable filtering experience for HTTPS content, by installing Netspark’s trust certificate
Maintain district regulatory compliance, meet CIPA requirements and qualify for E-Rate funding!

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